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Baby Name : Rahat

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Read what our little munchkins say on various topics. You may be in for a surprise with their innocence. Does your little one also end up saying something funny or random? It's your chance to share it for other parents to exclaim Look who's talking!

  Bring on the Virgins  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Vikram Sawant

Last Saturday night I had to baby sit my little brother. But alas, I was invited to a fantastic party next door. So after much thinking, I decided to attend for just one hour, with him in tow. My friend, Subhash was mixing drinks for everyone, and offered my little brother a mocktail. He loved the Virgin Colada. Next Subhash gave him a Virgin Mary, all under my strict supervision. My brother lapped it up. After which I forgot all about him and started enjoying myself. When the music stopped, a s


Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Hilu

I was shopping out in one of the co-operatives, with my 21/21/2

  Baby in the Stomach  

Baby Name: Pooja
Parent's Name: Janhavee

My friend's daugther Pooja is 2yrs + old and she's pretty smart for her age. When they visited us, I was few months pregnant, and so her mom warned her not to jump on me, and told her that i had a baby in my tummy. I used to go for regular walks, and so after couple of days, I asked Pooja if she would like to come with me for a walk, immediatly she said..."No! you go, you have a Baby in your tummy" I was really surprised how she could link two and two together.

  Rain rain go away !!!!!!!  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Sunidhi

My in-laws were visiting us and whenever it rained my father-in-law had taught my almost 2 yr old son to sing - "Rain, rain go away. My papa has to find his way. I am bored without him, go and rain at Kim." Next month we went to Washington and there it started to rain all of a suddenly and along with all the other people we ran for shelter. Before anyone of us could realise, my son ran into the rain shouting - "Rain, rain go away.........." After we caught him and brought him back to a dry place

  Papa Nahin Uthe  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Arti Kariro

My sweet littke daughter has a habbit of saying jai jai to sun uncle and goodmorning too and after that she goes in her room and ask papa to utho mama ko office jana hai mamma late ho jayegi.... one day same routine is going on saying jai jai sun uncle and all of the sudden she said sun uncle papa nahin uthe......... and i was surprised ki itni baatein kahan se seekhti hai.

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