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Baby Name : Rahat

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Read what our little munchkins say on various topics. You may be in for a surprise with their innocence. Does your little one also end up saying something funny or random? It's your chance to share it for other parents to exclaim Look who's talking!

  The Budding Politician  

Baby Name: Raajlakshmi
Parent's Name: Jayaa Jain

Our daughter Raajlakshmi, now 1 yr and 3 months, was just 8 months old when she started talking, walking and teething all at the same time. We take her for morning and evening walks everyday. At times when we are busy, her dadi comes home to take her out. Once it so happened that I was discussing something in the morning with my husband while my daughter kept yelling .... 'Bahar Jaana hai'. We did not pay much attention and continued with our talks. And suddenly we see that she picks up the phon

  Mirror Mirror who is beautiful  

Baby Name: Janhavi
Parent's Name: Sarika

Janhavi is 2 years old and can speak everything. As soon as she is dressed up she stands infront of the mirror and says Pretty Woman Dikho Dikho Na(Song from Kal Ho Na Ho)

  Amazing Devotee  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Deepthi

If my 14 months baby see god, immediately she keeps her hands together while closing her eyes, 'Dachi' (Namaskar). Only once I taught her to do so. When we were in an american store, at one corner she was doing so... we ignored that. We observed her twice doing same while crossing same place... When we saw that place we're surprised to see one small show piece, White Elephant was there painted it's parts in gold paint! Really it's amazing that piece was made in sacred Desi Style!!!! How sweet, m

  My sweet little Yuvi  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Sereena Sharma

Well my baby is small as he is just 4 months and have just stateted to sing a proper song like he continus say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for 15 seconds non stop what new progress i can see is while feeding he litraaly bite me ( although no teeth till now) and keep on watching at me till I feel hurt and look at him an shout a bit then he just smiles and stop hurting clever becayuse he knows he is doing something wrong and iam going to shout.still I love my child as he is a blessing to me.

  Little ones  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Geeta Kalle

My 2(1/2

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