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Baby Name : Rahat

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Read what our little munchkins say on various topics. You may be in for a surprise with their innocence. Does your little one also end up saying something funny or random? It's your chance to share it for other parents to exclaim Look who's talking!

  Pouring Cats and Dandruff  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Indira Khurana

Last year, my sister and I went on a holiday abroad. Even though my sister does not get along too well with my nephew, we stayed at my brother’s house on the outskirts of Liverpool. One cold night, my nephew walked in, covered in snow. My silly sister remarked, “Oh is it snowing?” To which he sarcastically replied, “No, its dandruff.” 

  Knock on the Door  

Baby Name: Anjali
Parent's Name: Nita Vaswani

One day, as I was feeding my two month old daughter, my servant walked into the room without knocking on the door. Needless to say, we did not take the matter lightly, and he was fired. When we were hiring a new servant, Nitin, my 6 year old, piped up, “Mummy, tell him not to walk into your room when you are feeding Anjali.”

  Fun Talk  

Baby Name: Ashwini
Parent's Name: Lata Sundararajan

My 1 and 1/2

  Work is Worship  

Baby Name: Vishal
Parent's Name: Rani Gupta

Although my sister-in-law has married into a very rich family, her husband believes in standing on his own two feet. He is a bank officer with a moderate income. Her father-in-law owns a Mercedes, whereas her husband drives a fiat. One day, she jokingly told her 5 year old son, “What a lovely, big car your grandpa has. Why don’t you ask him to give it to us.” Vishal promptly replied, “Work hard and earn your own money. Do not take the easy way out.” 

  Toilet training  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Sangita

My daughter is 18 months old. I just started toilet train her few days ago, I used to tell her that I will tell u "Shabbas" when u go to toilet. After 2 days or so, I was watching her play, she took her doll to the toilet, and was telling her "waaa, shabbas". See , children learn too fast..

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