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Baby Name : Rahat

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Read what our little munchkins say on various topics. You may be in for a surprise with their innocence. Does your little one also end up saying something funny or random? It's your chance to share it for other parents to exclaim Look who's talking!

  A 5year Old Think Tank  

Baby Name: Ramu
Parent's Name: Mohan

This happened around the late 1970's ..I was visiting a doctor once. In those days, more than one patient could be waiting in a doctor’s room when the other was being examined for general cold/flu etc. While I was waiting for my turn, a middle-aged woman with her son (aged around 5 years) was being examined by the doctor for some throat problem. Her son meanwhile had got on to the weight machine (weighing scale) on the floor beside the doctor. Once the woman was thru with the doctor, she called

  Mirror Mirror who is beautiful  

Baby Name: Janhavi
Parent's Name: Sarika

Janhavi is 2 years old and can speak everything. As soon as she is dressed up she stands infront of the mirror and says Pretty Woman Dikho Dikho Na(Song from Kal Ho Na Ho)

  I'll go inside of your stomach  

Baby Name: Soniya
Parent's Name: Poonam

Once my 3yrs old niece was playing with my younger bhabhi (sister in law) who was pregnent I told my niece Soniya be careful chachi ke pet main chota sa baby hai wondering eyes she told me with wondering eyes i'll do one thing main chachi ke peeth (back) main se ander jake baby ko leke pet se bahar nikal jaoongi toh chachi ke saath khelene ki zaroorat nahin main baby ke saath kheloongi we could not stop our laugh for such intellegent thing imagine if kids can do such work then who will need doct

  Like Mother, Like Son  

Baby Name: Jivitesh
Parent's Name: Sangeeta Juneja

One day when our cleaning maid, Kamlesh had not turned up I was sweeping the house. My 3 year old son Jivitesh on seeing me sweep asked " have you become Kamlesh today?" jokingly I replied yes. Instantly he replied " then I shall become Chotu (the boy who collects our garbage)"

  Interesting questions - 4 1/2

Baby Name:
Parent's Name:

My son (4 1/2 yrs) asks me lot of questions. I am listing a few which I remember.

1) whether corn is a fruit or vegetable?

2) whether flower is a boy or girl?

3) One day when I was rearranging photo album, he saw a photo in which I was pregnant, he asked me why my stomatch was big. Then I told him that he was in my stomatch. Then he was worried and he said 'Mom, Please don't swallow me again, I am a good boy now'.

4) One day w

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