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Baby Name : Rahat

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Read what our little munchkins say on various topics. You may be in for a surprise with their innocence. Does your little one also end up saying something funny or random? It's your chance to share it for other parents to exclaim Look who's talking!

  Mom be happy!  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Babli

My little (3.5 yrs old) one came back from preschool one day while I was working upstairs he came up and showed me a picture he had made in the art class. I happily hugged him and said good job. We both went downstairs to kitchen and I checked his lunch bag, he hadn't eaten anything at lunch so I frowned and said why didn't you eat anything, how come you were not hungry. He immediately retorted back saying - You were happy with me upstairs , what happened downstairs , you are angry with me now,

  Prove it to me, Mummy  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Sunanda Ramachandra

Some days back I told my daughter, 3 years old, that the food that she takes goes to stomach and from there to other parts of the body and if she does not take food, the parts of the body would cry including her eyes. She wanted to confirm that the food really goes to stomach. She tried to scratch her belly and said, Mummy open my belly, I want to see the food.

  Mami Baccha Kha Gayee!!!!!!!  

Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Rekha

My sister's son is so smart in talking he asks the questions whenever we tell him something. One day my bhabhi had a son when his grandma told him that your mami had a son, he asked her how then she told that mami ke pet(belly) main se doctor ne baccha nikala hai. At evening when he came to meet mami & little child with her mummy & papa, he was amazing & asked that Mami aap itne bada baccha kha gayee thi ki doctor ko pet kaat kar nilana pada. Firstly we didn't understand but when the whole thing

  Can u get ur steering?  

Baby Name: Anshu
Parent's Name: Srividhya

This happened when my niece was 2-and-half. My sister-in-law was driving the car and her daughter Anshu was in the back-seat. Bored, Anshu said: "Mom, can you get ur steering and sit at the back please?"


Baby Name:
Parent's Name: Netra

My daughter is just 8 months old when I speak the word papa in front of her she starts saying apppa apppa appa appppa.............. I like this very much because it is her first word.

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